D&D 5e

Deck of Minor Things – D&D 5e

One of my favourite Magic Items in D&D regardless of the edition or setting has always been the Deck of Many Things. Its unpredictability is what I love about it, but at the same time it’s something that’s always put me off using it as a GM. 

In one stroke it can all but end a character, then with the next unleash a powerful Magic Item into the party! As I said. I love the unpredictability, but I don’t want it to completely change my campaign.

I’ve also found it to be an item for Higher Level party’s, the effects are just to much for any low level game to withstand. But the unfortunate truth for a lot of us is our games don’t make it out of the low levels! Or maybe that’s just me…

So anyway, below is my low level, low impact Deck of Minor Things. For those that want the randomness of the Deck but don’t want it to break their game. Or for those crazy people who want to use it at lvl 1…

Let me know what you think! Something too powerful? Not powerful enough? Have a better idea? I’d love to hear it! Hope you Enjoy!

Joker (Red) – Angel
• Whenever you roll a Hit Die to regain hit points you may re-roll any result of a 1.

Joker (Black) – Demon
• Whenever you roll a Hit Die to regain hit points you must re-roll any maximum rolls (I.e an 8 on a D8).

Diamonds (Red)
Ace – Familiar
• You gain the loyal service of a randomly determined (Dm discretion) Familiar and can now cast the ‘Find Familiar’ Spell as a Ritual (will only summon this specific Familiar).

King – Favour
• One randomly determined (DM Discretion) Major Non-Player Character becomes friendly to your character, treating them as if they are under a permanent ‘Charm Person’ Effect.

Queen – Crystal
• A Diamond worth 1000gp appears at your feet.

Jack – Star
• You gain plus 1 to one randomly determined Attribute (can’t exceed the maximum of 22).

Two – Bane
• A randomly determined (GM discretion) creature type becomes your bane, you gain a bonus to damage rolls against your chosen creature type equal to half your proficiency modifier (rounded down).

Hearts (Red)
Ace – Power
• A randomly determined (DM discretion) Uncommon Magic Item appears in your hand/ on your person and attunes to you (un-attuning another item at random if necessary) if required.

King – Heroism
• You are now immune to the Frightened Condition.

Queen – Bilingual
• You gain Proficiency with 1D3 randomly determined languages (DM Discretion).

Jack – Craftsman
• You become proficient (or gain expertise if already proficient) with one randomly determined (DM discretion) set of ‘Tools’ which also appear at your feet.

Two – Alchemy
• A randomly determined (GM Discretion) common, uncommon or rare potion appears at your feet.

Clubs (Black)
Ace – Shrink
• Your size is reduced by one step (Medium becomes Small, Small becomes Tiny etc), only a ‘Greater Restoration’ Or ‘Wish’ Spell May end this curse.

King – Fool
• Reduce your Wisdom Attribute by 1 (only a God of the Knowledge Domain can end this curse).

Queen – Arrogance
• You can never take or benefit from the Help Action.

Jack – Cold Blooded
• You gain Darkvision 30ft (or increase your current Darkvision by 30ft) and gain Vulnerability to Cold Damage.

Two – Idiot
• Permanently Reduce your intelligence by 1 and draw one additional card from the deck.

Spades (Black)
Ace – Dragon Hoard
• Randomly determine half of all your Non Magical Items you own and/or are carrying, after which they disappear.

King – Talons
• Randomly determine half of all Magic Items you own and/or are carrying, after which they all disappear.

Queen – Medusa
• You now suffer Disadvantage on all Saving Throws of a randomly determined statistic (DM Discretion) while cursed in this way (only a God of the Trickery Domain can end this curse).

Jack – Bounty
• A bounty (of 100GP x the characters level) is placed on their head by a randomly determined Major Non-Player Character.

Two – Curse
• A randomly determined (DM discretion) cursed item appears in your hand/ on your person and attunes to you (randomly un-attuning another item at random if necessary), only a ‘Greater Restoration’ or ‘Wish’ Spell May remove this curse.

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