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Hag Items – D&D 5e

One of my favourite monsters I’ve used as a DM are Hags, they are just so bizarre and outrageous compared to other monsters. Not in their stats but in their personalities, stories and interactions. I enjoy writing Magic Items, hence this blog but Hags are probably my favourite monster to write Magic Items for.

Like their personalities their Magic Items are just different and atypical, they stand out when compared to other items and are more memorable. I try to make them morally dubious Grey Area Items, the kind of thing that would make your Paladin sigh deeply.

I write them as a mix between Magic Items and Cursed Items, I try to strike a balance of positive and negative effects. The kind of Item a ‘normal’ character would think twice about using!

Demon Hide Armour (Requires Attunement)
The tanned Crimson red hide of a hellish fiend, still producing a slight hint of Brimstone and an aura of unease.
– The wearer’s AC becomes equal to 13+Dexterity Modifier.
– The wearer gains Resistance to Fire Damage.
– The Wearer gains Vulnerability to Radiant Damage.
– If the wearer is healed by divine magic (DM Discretion) they reduce the amount by 1D3. 
– Fiends with Intelligence 9 or less will attack the wearer on sight, and the wearer has Disadvantage on Charisma Checks with Fiends (GM Discretion). 


Sorcerer’s Ashes
The cremated remains of a once powerful Sorcerer, one last time will they act as a focus for the winds of wild magic.
– You may ingest these ashes as an action, then roll 1D4. If you are an Arcane Spellcaster you gain a temporary Spell Slot (lasts until you complete a Long Rest Or when used) of a level equal to that rolled, then roll that many times on the Wild Magic Surge Table and trigger those effects.


Back Cream
Auntie Boil’s joint and muscle pain, sparingly apply the slimy green cream for instant relief.
– As an action, one dose of the ointment can be applied to the skin. The target regains 3D6 Hit Points, then rolls 1D4 and applies the following effect:
          1) Ceases to be Poisoned
          2) Cured of any Disease.
          3) Ceases to be Paralysed.
          4) Reduces their age by 1D3.


With this long strand violet weed you can swim with the fishes without the need to fill your pockets with rocks.
– You may eat this Seaweed as an action, you then become incapacitated until the end of your next turn while your body transforms.
– You grow gills allowing you to breathe underwater but you must submerge your head in water once every hour or begin to suffocate.
– Your hands and feet extend, becoming webbed. You gain a Swim Speed equal to you Speed but all movement on land is considered difficult terrain.
– Your eyes adjust to darkness giving you Darkvision to a range of 30ft but you gain Sunlight Sensitivity.
– These transformations last for 8 hours.


‘Baby Oil’
Auntie Boil’s skin care moisturizer, watch the wrinkles fade away. Made from only the purest of mashed babies.
– As an action you may apply the lotion to your face, for the next hour you gain the benefits of a Nondescript Spell.

2 thoughts on “Hag Items – D&D 5e

  1. Working with, and then fighting against, those hags was perhaps one of the best parts of my 5th Ed gaming thus far. They were fun, different and terrifying at the same time. I honestly thought we were all going to die.

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    1. Another reason I love Hags, you can work with them one session the fight against them the next! It was a crazy fight to plan for and even crazier to run, glad you enjoyed it and that it had the fear. I look forward to the next one, but we’ll have to wait and see when that’s going to be now!

      Liked by 1 person

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