D&D 5e

Potions – D&D 5e

Potions are great little minor items, they can be a nice reward for players if you don’t want to drop a permanent item. You can also trial powerful existing potions or your own homebrew potions to see how powerful they are as your players can only use them once unlike permanent items. 

The inspiration for creating my own potions comes from other games! Other Roleplays, Computer games, LARP and even Film/TV. Whether it’s Liquid Luck from Harry Potter (See Below), or one of the Dozen potions from Skyrim!

If anyone else has some Homebrew potions out there let me know.

Liquid Luck
A sparkling gold syrup.
You may drink this potion as a bonus action, for the following 8 hours you may re-roll any results of a 1 on Ability Checks, Attack Rolls and Saving Throws.

Fiendish Blood
A thick bubbling purple ichor in a sealed glass jar.
You can take 1 minute to apply this blood to a suit of armour (Tiny, Small or Medium), the creature wearing the armour then gains Resistance to all Non-Magical Bludgeoning, Slashing and Piercing Damage for 10 minutes. After the duration the armour corrodes and is destroyed.

Oil of Silver
A glistening vial of pure liquid silver.
You may coat this Oil as an Action to one Slashing or Piercing Weapon or up to 3 pieces of ammunition, for the next minute all attacks made by the weapon or ammunition are considered Silver for the purpose of overcoming Damage Immunities and Resistances.

Potion of Resolve
A dirty brown frothing brew.
You may drink this potion as a bonus action, for the following hour you are immune to the Frightened Condition.

Potion of Endurance
A glimmering red and orange swirling liquid in a glass flask.
You may drink this potion as a bonus action, for the following 1 hour you gain advantage on all Death Saving Throws.

2 thoughts on “Potions – D&D 5e

  1. Hi just found your blog, I found it easy to read and follow, when looking at these types of games the rules seem to be rather complex and confusing to the general novice so keep away from playing
    DnD, I like the ideas you have of changing the items, potions and abilities to suit the games themes and changing the random deck to help establish a campaign to keep all the characters alive and participating, have you considered using a random deck that gets progressively more difficult by changing the severity of the cards as the campaign builds say by session or a time frame, I have recently started to buy a few board games that are more model based that I want to paint and explore, will you be looking at board games with a similar idea or will you just be giving your thoughts on the games and how they play

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    1. Thanks a lot, I’m glad it reads well! I’ve been playing DnD for 10+ years and over several editions and it’s still complex and confusing to me half the time… I mostly learnt from just playing, especially with more experienced players.

      I definitely think changing the themes, whether it’s of bad Guys, items or whatever can make the game a lot cooler, immersive and personal to your group. I hadn’t really thought about a progressively more difficult deck but I do plan on adding to all my posts over time, I think I could do a version of the deck for each of the four tiers of play in 5th edition.

      In isolation I have found myself playing board games all week actually! Specially Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, a game I’ve had since Xmas but never got round to playing. I think I likely will write a review or my thoughts on the game, today I’m thinking up some home brew content for the game actually because I think it’s really good at its core but they could have done more with it. So I’m expanding the games Combat Events and Twists. With maybe more down the line…

      I’m also a big fan of skirmish miniature games, like Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Necromunda, Frostgrave. They are something I’m hoping to get back into and start writing about.


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