D&D 5e

Superior Crafted Items – D&D 5e

As much as I love magic items , sometimes you just want something simpler, mundane items with a little twist or flare. Something to just make them standout but not add a crazy power to your monsters or players.

Specially crafted items are something I use in my games, either crafted by skilled smiths or moulded to a specific character. I treat them trade wise similar to silver weapons, an extra 100gp on top of the standard price as a general rule of thumb with the odd exception for more expensive generic equipment (e.g Plate Armour).

Have a look and feel free to use any of the below in your own games, or let me know your own ideas for superior crafted items.

Poisoner’s Dagger
A curved blade with a glass chambered hilt.
You may fill the glass chamber of the dagger as an action with one oil or poison, it then slowly releases said liquid onto the blade. All oils or poisons applied to the dagger in this way last for double their duration.

Master Crafted Weapons
The bridge between mundane weapons and magic weapons, Master-crafted weapons are something I liked from 3.5 and brought back to use in my 5th Edition games. They can still be an interesting find or reward for players, along with a minor up-stat to a monster. Something that makes them standout from the masses, especially if you give it a background/theme.
The in game effect is simple, all attack rolls made by the weapon have a +1 Bonus to hit.

A Multi-weapon is as it says, multiple weapons in one. Like a halberd, a spear and a battle axe in one. I see a lot of these weapons at LARP but it’s never really something I came across in D&D so I added them in!
The in game effect tends to just be multiple damage types, an option of piercing if you use the halberds spear or slashing if you use the battle axe. Nothing crazy, just some more fun flavouring and usefulness for your players.

Fitted Armour
Tailor made non-magical armour, a suit that can only effectively be worn by the intended wearer. Moulded to their size, shape and movements. Again this is something i’ve seen used in LARP that I thought can be easily translated over.

  • Light (Padded Only)
    • The wearer doesn’t incur disadvantage on stealth checks while wearing the armour.
  • Medium
    • The wearers may now add a maximum of +3 dexterity bonus to the base number of their armour to calculate their armour class.
  • Heavy
    • The wearer doesn’t incur the movement penalty if they don’t meet the strength requirements of their armour.

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