Blackstone Fortress

Events Table – Blackstone Fortress

I’m a big fan of all the Hero Quest style dungeon tile games, the latest I’ve tried is Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress. It has it’s own twist on the standard template, mainly you don’t set up the whole dungeon at the start.

I think it’s quite simple to pick up, which is good but they have a lot of game aspects that feel they could have done more with. Aspects that don’t make the game more complicated but just more varied, after playing through my first strong hold I’ve found the game to get very repetitive. So I decided to build on certain aspects to make each play through different. I plan on expanding the Event Table, Hostile Monsters, Equipment Cards, Encounter Cards, Spacecraft and possibly more! So make sure to look out for them!

I’m not going to change any rules, just use the existing rules and add in more flavour so each expedition is different than the last. I’ve started with the events table, in the game you roll a D20 at the end of each turn for an event to simulate the unpredictability in firefights or the fortress itself changing. However, as it only had 8 options and several had no effects on most turns, I found it became more of a chore at the end of a turn than something the shakes up the game like intended.

I’ve fleshed out the table to now include 20 different options, all within theme of the game and using the existing Blackstone Fortress Rules.

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