Blackstone Fortress

Twist Table – Blackstone Fortress

Another build on the combat encounter twists from the core rules of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, like the events table i’ve used the existing rules and twists and expanded them from 9 to 20.

If you’ve played BSF you’ll know twists are a less regular aspect of the game than events but in my few games so far I have had re-occurring twists hence my expanded table! I’m hoping the 11 new twists will just add some more unpredictability to my games and stop any future repetitions. Unlike the events table i’ve tried to keep the twists mostly detrimental to the explorers and present a new challenge they must overcome in each combat while keeping it in theme with the lore of the game.

In game whenever an encounter card reveals a twist instead of using the one given on the card I roll the Blackstone dice and consult the twists table (below), just like an event roll at the end of the turn. If anyone has any thoughts on any of the twists or idea’s of their own leave a comment below!

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