D&D 5e

Adventuring Bucket List – D&D 5e

A good character can be all the difference for you enjoying every encounter of a session vs sitting their unengaged. I should know, I’ve been in both situations. I think it’s hard to come up with a good character a lot of the time, but something I like to consider when I have a character idea is goals. What does the character want, what are their desires, dreams, achievements?

I normally come up with some short term and long term ideas/goals, if I struggle to think of what they want it’s because they aren’t going to be a good character or i’ve put more thought into my class, etc…

One character I played had an adventuring bucket list with hundreds of goals, a throw away idea that really shaped my character and made him one of my most memorable. His bucket list just added great sometimes even comical moments to the game, feel free to check it out and use yourself, or use it as inspiration to make your own!

The inspiration for my list came from Sam Riegel on Critical Role, his off the cuff bucket list was great and I decided to make my own.

• Steal from a dragon and live to tell the tale.
• Take a gem that captures the light of the stars to the darkest place in the world.
• Take a potions class.
• Beat a halfling in an eating contest.
• Outwit an evil wizard.
• Pose as a pirate to rescue a princess from assassins hired by her own fiancé.
• Rob from the rich and give to the poor.
• Find a cup of incredible rarity and purity that touched the lips of one of the gods himself.
• Chase off an infantile ghost haunting its mother’s house.
• Be discriminated against by talking beasts.
• Fall off a mountain.
• Throw one’s self at the ground and miss.
• Persuade an ogre to complete a quest on my behalf.
• Slay the Terrasque.
• Ride a dragon.
• Rescue a damsel in distress.
• Kiss a princess.
• Find a magic genie’s lamp and get 3 wishes.
• Break an evil witch’s spell.
• Out drink a dwarf.
• Beat a giant in a contest of strength.
• Catch a leprechaun and get his pot of gold.
• Outsmart a devil.
• Save a village from certain destruction.
• Liberate a kingdom from a tyrannical overlord.
• Find a magical artefact.
• Gain the personal favour of a deity.
• Love and be loved in return by a magical maiden (nymph, dryad, etc…).
• Defeat a basilisk in a staring contest.
• Take a half-orc barbarian to the royal opera.
• Bring together lovers separated by their families.
• Explain to a mummy why you have a right to enter its tomb.
• Attend a ball in disguise.
• Spy on and participate in a secret druid ritual.
• Retrieve a gnome relic from the belly of a purple worm.
• Tame Thunderhoof, prince of the hippogriffs.
• Kill a sorcerer before he can cast a spell.
• See Neverwinter at night.
• Break out of prison.
• Traverse the Spine of the World.
• Free a condemned prisoner from the gallows.
• Escape a deserted island.
• Bathe in a waterfall.
• Have a picnic in the Feywild.
• Perform for an army of orcs.
• “Borrow” a hag eye from a coven of hags.
• Help an adventurous prince or princess escape the palace.
• Convince a treant to leave the doomed forest it has occupied for centuries.
• Enter a scintillating colour pool on the Astral Plane.
• Broker a peace agreement between dwarves and orcs.
• Learn a rare (and difficult) language.
• Get knighted.
• Defeat an Undead Hoard.
• See the Southern Lights.
• Re-Forge an ancient sword.
• Journey to and return from the underworld.
• Participate in a chariot race.
• Have a sword fight with a pirate. He should have a peg-leg and an eyepatch. If he doesn’t let him live, but make sure you leave him in such a state that he will have a peg-leg and eyepatch when he inevitably comes looking for revenge.
• Give a beholder a black eye.
• Seduce a Goddess.
• Trick Giants into giving me lodging.
• Free souls trapped by a Merman.
• Bribe a guard.
• Feed a Gelatinous Cube.
• Walk on the bottom of the ocean.
• Plant a magical seed.
• Teleport.
• Travel to another plane of existence.
• Steal a Skyship.
• Swim with dire sharks.
• Attend a Halfling wedding.
• Slay a Kraken.
• Wrestle a hungry owl bear.
• Try a traditional Gnome body massage.
• Have custom shoes made from the hide of a dragon.
• Make a wish (and it come true).
• Win big gambling in a shady establishment.
• Participate in a pub crawl.
• Swim in the Sea of Swords.
• Visit every country.
• Blind a cyclops.
• Sail the oceans.
• Be immortalized through song, painting, and/or statue.
• Get in a bar fight.
• Fight in a volcano.
• Solve a murder.
• Deafen a Banshee.
• Fight in a graveyard.
• Attend a formal party.
• Read a forbidden book.
• Be recognised as a hero.
• Unknowingly fall in a pit trap.
• Adopt a rare pet.
• Explore an uncharted cave.
• Meet a legendary hero.
• Win an arm wrestling match with a stranger at a tavern.
• Sneak into a party.
• Fly.
• Spot a mimic before it strikes.
• Lay siege to a castle.
• Pet a unicorn.
• Cross a vast desert.
• Charm a Succubus.
• Win a duel against a legendary fighter.
• Tame a wild beast.
• Make a daring escape.
• Mist a Vampire.
• Feed a rust monster.
• Slay a creature from the inside.
• Be turned to stone.
• Drink from a fountain of youth.
• Defeat an elf in an archery contest.
• Win a pit fight.
• Party with a devil.
• Backpack through the Swords Coast.
• Touch an Angel.
• Disarm a trap by accident.
• Walk on the ceiling of a room.
• Bring someone back to life.
• Sneak up on an invisible creature.
• Catch an arrow in the air.
• Redeem an evil person.
• Befriend an elemental.
• Transport a treasure.
• Escort a muckety-muck.
• A revenge plot.
• A classic dungeon crawl.
• Solving a mysterious riddle.
• The old fashioned double-cross.
• Complete a shopping mission.
• Go on a safari.
• Spend New Years Eve in Waterdeep.
• Build a snow Golem.
• Get captured by Drow.
• Climb the Snowflake Mountains.
• Enter a forbidden city.
• Learn a Dwarven drinking song.
• Turn a Medusa to Stone.
• Scare a ghost
• Convince something not to eat me.
• Activate a giant boulder trap.
• Get polymorphed into a different race.
• Be attacked by a mundane item.
• Out-riddle a sphinx.

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