D&D 5e

Insult Generator – D&D 5e

Words can be just as dangerous a weapon as any sword, but it can be hard to come up with that winning one-liner when it’s needed. Much less every combat round… That’s why I used an insult generator when playing a Bard using the Viscous Mockery cantrip.

A way to easily generate fresh insults for whatever foe you face, my character was a Noble so the table might not be suitable for every character. If that’s the case you use it as the building blocks to make your own ! Previously I’ve used a dwarven insult generator, but I’m sure Orc insults would be equally different.

Little things like this can really help you build up a character to make them fun and memorable fo yourself, your party members and even your dungeon master. All you need to use it is 3D20’s and your golden, no fool will dare challenge you!

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