Blackstone Fortress

Resource Cards (KRAVV’CHA’TO) – Blackstone Fortress

Resource cards are essentially the ‘levelling up’ mechanic in Blackstone Fortress, along with Inspiration. Resource cards give explorers additional skills, equipment or weapons to use on an expedition but now after two Strongholds I find myself seeing a lot of the same equipment cards when the explorers return to the Precipice. So I’ve created 10 new resource cards for each individual ship using the existing rules and to fit the theme of the Ship (Explorer) it’s tied to.

The first 10 i’ve completed are for the KRAVV’CHA’TO, Dahyak Grekh’s ship. In spite of the fact he’s not one of the explorers we’re using in our first run through of the game! Looking at his existing resource cards showed them to be mostly either Contracts (against the different hostile groups in BSF) and trophies (of creatures he’s slain), so I started there. I added a contract for Spindle Drones and Chaos Cultists (from the Escalation expansion), then additional trophies from Chaos creatures and other Xenos.

To round out the cards I just searched for existing Kroot Wargear and Equipment in the 40k lore and used what I found to make additional cards! If you have any hombrew equipment cards of your own or ideas of things you’d like to see then let me know with a comment below!

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