Blackstone Fortress

Resource Cards (Steed of Mathurir) – Blackstone Fortress

Continuing on from yesterday’s post is another batch of resource cards for the Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress board game. Again, i’ve gone for another explorer we’re not currently using in this playthough… This second batch of ten are for the Steed of Mathurir, Amalynn Shadowguide’s Ship.

I started with Amalynn and Dahyak, because unlike the other explorers they have a whole race’s equipment lore to create cards from. When creating both I just found lists of Kroot and Eldar equipment online, finding items that have a cool effect in the lore and combining that with the existing Blackstone Fortress rules to create a resource card! Personally, I always find it easier to build on something rather than work from scratch, and there’s dozens of books and websites littered with 40k lore so all you need to do is use it!

Help yourself to these expanded resource cards, or feel free to share some of your own.

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