D&D 5e

Re-Skinned Items (Fiendish) – D&D 5e

Today’s post is all about re-skinning magical items for D&D 5th edition to give them new flare and different theme. By re-skinning I mean taking an existing item and altering its appearance or abilities, I re-skin items, monsters, traps, etc, whenever it suits! Basically, it’s tooling existing rules or ideas to fit your own needs.

The first group of items i’ve re-skinned are all done with the theme of fiends, I start with a thought of what would fiends do if they got hold of an item, or if they wanted to create their own devilish version of an item? One item took re-skinning very literally…

The items I chose to Re-Skin are:
– Gauntlets of Ogre Power
– Cloak of Elvenkind
– Dagger of Venom
– Ioun Stone (Strength)

For the Gauntlets I wrote them as someone had slain a Hezrou and crafted their own Gauntlets of Power from it’s corpse, using it’s fiendish strength. The Cloak I took very literally, as many devils do with their deals. They don’t have the same morals creatures of other plane do, but now they have a chic new style… The Dagger of Venom I themed as if it was a normal dagger possessed by an imp replacing the venom with its sting attack. The the Ioun Stone represents a gift from a fiendish master to a servant they wish to reward but also control:

Cloak of Elvenskin (Requires Attunement)
– You gain advantage on all Saving Throws against being Charmed.
– While you wear this cloak with its hood up you gain Darkvision out to 60 feet.
– You gain Disadvantage on all Charisma Checks with Elves and Half Elves (DM Discretion). 

Gauntlets of Hezrou Power (Cursed Item)
– Your strength score is 19 while you wear the gauntlets, if your strength score is already 19 or higher it does not change.
– You gain Disadvantage on all ranged weapon attacks.
– You gain Vulnerability to Radiant Damage.
– You must make a Wisdom Save (DC11) at the start of your turn in combat to do anything but move towards (if necessary) and attack the closest hostile creature.

Imp’s Sting (Requires Attunement)
– You can use an action to make a thick, black poison coat the blade. For the next minute on a successful attack the first creature hit by the blade must make a Constitution Saving Throw (DC11) taking 3D6 Poison Damage on a failed saved or half as much on a successful save. The feature can’t be used again until you finish a Short or Long Rest Rest.
– You can cast the Invisibility spell targeting the dagger, once used this feature can’t be used again until the next dawn. 

Ioun Stone – Fiendish Strength (Cursed Item)
– Your Strength Score is increased by 2 to a maximum of 20 while the crimson red rhomboid orbits your head.
– You have Disadvantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma Saving Throws from spells cast by Fiends.

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