Blackstone Fortress

Resource Cards (Traveller) – Blackstone Fortress

In this post i’m going back to my expanded deck of resource cards for the Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress board game and today the ship i’m looking at is that of Imperial Navigator Espern Lorcano.

The existing Traveller resource cards were mostly discard when used, so one shot equipment, and unlike the other ships it didn’t focus on directly impacting combat. I’ve tried to keep mostly to those themes having eight of the ten as discard when used and fitting to the support role Espern plays in the game compared to other explorers.

On the inspiration side I looked at psykers and navigators equipment, but that proved limited and I tried to stay away from using psychic powers as equipment cards. Instead I went to high-tech equipment from all over the Imperium, then splashed in a little love for the God-Emporer and sorted. Like the other decks I think these fit the existing theme but just give more flavour, choice and variety to your explorers when they travel back to Precipice. I know the feeling of seeing the same resource card after four expeditions in a row… But hopefully now never again!

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