D&D 5e

Group Concepts

To make a change this post is aimed at players and GMs, for virtually any setting or game. From Dark Heresy to D&D, from table top to LARP. Group concepts. More commonly found in LARP but easily achievable in table top as well, a group concept are linked characters all with the same theme. Members of a Noble House, a savage tribe, a military unit, etc. Having a instant connection to other characters and having a deeper bond then usual has always made my experiences enjoyable.

I implore GMs to consider group concepts for your players, never force anything but it can give such different dynamics to your game. I’ve played a lot of D&D, a lot… No matter the mish-mash of characters and players it’s usually the same feel, the standard adventurers. Not a bad thing necessarily, I mean obviously we all enjoy it. But as a GM you can run the same campaign themes but have a completely unique experience each time. You want a Political Intrigue game, imagine the difference of your player party all being thieves guild members working from the shadow, compared to a squad of CSI style city guard solving the mystery.

Two campaigns in a row of fighting an overlord lich could be boring, maybe not if taking from polar opposites. The difference between crusading knights out for glory against undead, then a veteran military unit deployed against the endless horde or a low level group of shroom dealers looking for revenge after their clientele have all been raised as zombies…

Group concepts change the dynamics of the game and add different levels depending on the selected theme, the serious roleplay a Holy Order compared to the antics of a several orcs and goblins… It can even change your play styles, ever contemplated a group purely consisting of one class? A cabal of wizards searching for power or devoted paladins of different gods.

Below are my list of Group Concepts I’d like to play one day, or GM for!:

Thieves Guild Members
City Guard
Cabal of Mages
Military Unit
Foulspawn Tribe
Holy Order
‘Shroom’ Dealers
Knight & Retainers

Feel free to leave a comment with group concepts you have or would like to play!

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