Blackstone Fortress

Resource Cards (Vanguard & Long Hauler Gamma 3-Beta) – Blackstone Fortress

Today is the last of my updated resource cards for Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, unlike the other ships I’ve combined this post for both Long Haul Gamma 3-Beta and the Vanguard as I feel they’re the different sides of the same coin.

The inspiration for both sets was the Imperium, sleeker more advanced technology for the Vanguard and it’s Rogue Trader Janus Draik compared to more functional equipment for the Ratling Twins Rein & Raus and UR-025. Both were focused on combat orientated items, if I were to add further cards I would definitely look at Xenos flavoured equipment for the Vanguard.

With this an additional 60 resource cards are now available for my games, along with an expanded Encounter Table and Twist Table. I’m hoping the game will now have more variety in future but only time and more playing will tell. Good thing I’ve got another 3 weeks to have at it!

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