D&D 5e

Character Concepts

Making the right character is everything for me in D&D, it makes all the difference to how much I enjoy playing each game and to what level I actually end up roleplaying. I find whenever I have a good character roleplay just come so easy, instinctive. I never have to think what would my character would do because I already know, I just react to each encounter as it comes.

Never choose a character round a class, that’s one thing I don’t like about the D&D 5e Players handbook. It’s layout, it just not good at all… I always find a background that fits my concept first, then I either already know what class they are or it doesn’t matter because they are such a character without any specific rules or abilities.

Backstory is cool but it’s not the be all and end all of a character, you could have a 5 page detailed backstory that perfectly fits the lore and your character still be super stale! I prefer to think what my character does in their spare time, during a short or long rest and If give a day or night off from adventuring. What goals do they have, what do they want out of adventuring or life in general.

Below are a couple of future character concepts I hope to play one day when isolation ends…

Tabaxi Warlock – Rakshasa
Who doesn’t love a good old Rakshasa? They are suave sophisticated bad guys but they have to start somewhere, right. This concept is based around a Tabaxi who wants to become a Fiendish Rakshasa, he already has the look, he just needs the power… So he’s entered into a Pact with a Fiendish Patron to further that goal.

Divination Wizard – Random Spells
I usually find it good roleplay when your character takes a detrimental action just because that’s who they are, this concept is a Divination Wizard who randomly selects both the spells they learn and what they prepare each day. Would it be terrible, possibly. Would it be entertaining, definitely.

Drow Warlock – Disguise Self
Secret agendas can add a unique flare to roleplay games but only when they stay secret, whether you metagame on purpose or not it’s impossible to if you don’t know! That brings me to a Warlock with the Mask of Many Faces Invocation, a character that permanently has the spell on (recasting when necessary) hiding their true identity from the party. I would love to one day play this kind of character and agree before hand with the DM on this, then just see how long it takes for the other players to cotton on…

Eldritch Knight – Captain America
If you like D&D you probably like Marvel, or at least I do. Who hasn’t come out of a film wanting to play one of the characters to some degree? Why not play cap, take the Tavern Brawler feat and strap on your shield then with Eldritch Knight get ready to summon it back after throwing it… If you don’t want to fight a Hydra in a dungeon as Captain America flavoured fighter is D&D really the game for you.

CSI Wizard – City Watch
As above you can see film and tv influences my character concepts, but you don’t have to stick to specific character. Bring crime scene investigation to the city of Waterdeep with an investigative wizard. Use your spells to solve crimes and mystery rather than just fireball anything that moves!

Spore Druid – Drug Dealer
Last but not least comes the least serious of my concepts, but every game of D&D I play isn’t serious either. Some campaigns aren’t high immersion gritty roleplay feats, some are just a laugh so why not have a character to fit. A Druid of the Spore who grows ‘medicinal’ mushrooms. Not every Druid is a goody two shoes Forest Elf, why can’t I play a slum lord half-orc peddling shrooms in the city?

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