Blackstone Fortress

Hostiles (Chaos Daemons) – Blackstone Fortress

As you’ll likely have seen the penultimate expansion for Blackstone Fortress has been announced, but does that mean we’re all suddenly going to stop playing? Maybe, but not while were all stuck in lockdown…

After expanding events, twists and resource cards I’ve now moved on to Hostiles. Another annoying repetitive theme can be fighting the same hostile group in combat, after combat, after combat. I like the addition of cultists in the Ascension expansion, they are for all intensive purposes a different variant of the Traitor Guard (few new weapons and behaviour roles).

The expanded hostiles I started with are both Chaos Daemons, they are a pre-existing creatures in the 40k universe as we all know with existing rules to adapt and miniatures to use. There also happens to be a plethora of Daemons to use, starting with the standard lesser demons of the four gods with a generic stat line and special rules flavoured to the specific demons.

Below are the first draft Bloodletters and Plaguebearers.

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