D&D 5e · Ebonclad

Ebonclad – Prologue

The B Word is back with a whole new focus, GMing. More specifically the good, the bad and the crazy decisions I’ve made while planning and running my game so far. So hopefully I can, if nobody else, learn from my mistakes!

I’ve gone for what I think is an uncommon theme and setting for my new campaign, it is an entirely city based urban game, and for that city I have chosen the well established city of splendours, Waterdeep. Rather than roaming the countryside and slaying wild beasts the players will instead have to navigate sprawling city streets and contend with their fellow citizens.

As for the theme I’ve decided to go a little into the grey areas and run a thieves guild style campaign, skulking through the streets at night trying to keep one step ahead of the city watch and rival factions.

As for actual content I’ve mixed and matched several pre-written modules both official and home-brew. Mainly Dan Coleman’s ‘Ebonclad’ with WOTC ‘Waterdeep: Dragon Heist’, I’ve taken the background and missions from Ebonclad and merged it with the setting and plot of Dragon Heist.

Having pages of existing content on the city of Waterdeep, a campaign module full of story in Dragon Heist and then tons of Thieves Guild ideas in Ebonclad gives me an amazingly detailed base I can add on with both my own details and that of the party. As I’ve previously mentioned I am a huge fan of using pre-written modules, I know it’s not for everyone but having that base to work from makes GMing a lot more manageable in my experience. Both for planning pre-session and improvisation mid session (sometimes even mid-sentence).

My other reason for choosing the theme and setting is to try out a different style of D&D, don’t get me wrong I love Diablo style dungeon grinds but I’m hoping a more intrigue and investigation will provide a different style of play hopefully with the same amount of fun!

I plan on explaining what challenges I faced while planning each session, what worked well and what didn’t go as planned (for better or worse). So stay tuned! Monster Stats, new magic items and crazy skill challenges await…

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